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Intensive Speech Workshop


Speechcraft Coordinator Chris del Hierro

Tejas Toastmasters is offering an intensive five-week training course in public speaking. Based on the Toastmasters International Program of Speechcraft, this course will focus each week on a distinct speaking objective. It will help you to:   


    * Gain confidence in public speaking   

    * Develop your communication and language skills   

    * Become an effective listener   

    * Use body language and visual aids   

    * Advance your social skills                

Each participant will be matched with an experienced speaker as mentor, receiving personalized feedback for improvement at each step. You will prepare and deliver several speeches (4-6 or 5-7 minutes long) on subjects of your choice. You will also participate in impromptu speaking (known as "table topics") and learn how to evaluate other speakers. Experienced Toastmasters will also deliver "educational talks" where you'll learn how to prepare your speech, hear tips on delivery techniques and find out how to evaluate other speakers.

This is a proven method that can help professionals, sales people, job seekers, students - everyone who seeks to grow in speaking ability.

We call it "Speaking for Success."


$40 fee includes:

Five weeks intensive training

Experienced mentors
Instructional manuals

Subscription to Toastmaster Magazine

Membership in Toastmasters International


5-week Agenda:



Getting to Know You. First night introduction of program. Experienced Toastmasters presenting speeches on Impromptu Speaking and Preparation and Practice.



Icebreakers by Speechcrafters. Toastmaster speech: Organizing Your Speech.



Organize Your Speech projects by Speechcrafters. Toastmaster speech: Using Body Language.



Your Body Speaks projects by Speechcrafters. Toastmaster speech: Vocal Variety.



Vocal Variety projects by Speechcrafters. Invitation to Toastmasters presentation.


Remember, this is a short course, and it is not possible to learn everything in just a few weeks. To get the most benefit from the Toastmasters program, continued participation in the Toastmasters Club will allow you to continue your improvement in speaking skills.