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Past Vice President for Education and current President, Joe Garvey

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Three Important Elements:

- Introduction of speakers

- Educational speeches

- Time management

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Drawing Wisdom from Tejas History

from the October-November issue of the Tejas Toaster:

Joe Garvey Sets Education Agenda

Some of us were surprised two weeks ago when Joe Garvey, our VP for Education, presented us with an older version of the document that provides a framework for every Tejas meeting: The Standard Club Agenda .

This is nothing more than a Tejas adaptation of the sample agenda found in the club officers training manuals, but it used to be part of each Tejas members basic meeting kit. In recent years club usage has modified this agenda until important features were lost.

In reintroducing the older version, Joe was calling for a return to observance of three important elements:

Introduction of speakers
Educational speeches
Time management

In an interview for the Toaster, Joe explained what he is doing.

I am drawing on the wisdom of the history of the club and of long-standing members. The Education Vice Presidents role is subordinate to the history of the club.

One element from Tejas past that Joe plans to revive is the art of introducing speakers, traditionally the responsibility of the Toastmaster.

Another is the educational speech featured as a regular part of the meeting. As Joe explained it, The education role has been less defined than it needs to be. Instead of just talking to each other and doing our own education, we need to have a platform for all of us to learn from each other.

Seeing the resources for Toastmaster education developed by Toastmasters International, Joe wants to make the club library, including The Better Speaker Series and Successful Club Series, available to the members so they can prepare educational speeches

As Joe sees it, the art of running a club is an important part of the educational program. He suggests that we reemphasize time management, reviving the timed agenda and expanding the timekeepers role to keep our meetings within the planned schedule.

He also plans to emphasize education on the roles of officers and members, and on parliamentary procedure because The purpose of parliamentary procedure is to have more efficient, more effective discussion.

Joe had some final words on his educational mission as it affects each member. Part of my job is getting each member to take responsibility for his own individual role at each meeting. Each member is responsible for his own commitments. Thats why we have a sign up sheet. If someone finds he cannot do the job he signed up for, he is responsible for finding his own replacement. Officers should not take on the burden of each individual member.