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1) 2 CTMs

2) 2 additional CTMs 

3) 1 ATM 

4) 1additional ATM 

5) 1 CL, AL, or DTM 

6) 1additional CL, AL, DTM 

7) 4 new members

8) 4 additional new members

9) At least 4 officers trained

10) One October/April Semi & one Officer list on time

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June 2008:  Tejas Makes Distinguished Club List

 As explained by Toastmasters International, "The Distinguished Club Program helps a Club focus on making sure its members learn the skills they joined to learn and recognizes the Club when it is successful in accomplishing this goal." The program consists of ten goals that each club is asked to try to achieve during each July 1-June 30 Toastmaster year.