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Perhaps the greatest achievement of Tejas has been its service as the mother
Toastmaster club in Austin, nurturing a spirit of quality and good fellowship that
has been passed on through the service of its members in the larger community.

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A Message from the President

A Laboratory of People -- By Joe Garvey, CTM 

The more I experience Toastmasters, the more I appreciate the breadth of learning opportunities available for each of us. Recently, I have been thinking about what Toastmasters and our Tejas club means to me, and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Certainly the good people of our club provide the context for our Tejas Toastmasters experience. The diversity in profession, ethnicity (even a live New Yorker!), personal interests, and life perspectives delivers a rich environment where we can all develop.

Increasingly, I realize the wealth of education Im receivingespecially when I recognize and harness the opportunities in front of me. The Toastmaster experience facilitates our development as whole people. We have an opportunity to learn, practice and experiment in our Toastmasters environment that is generally not available elsewhere.

LEARN: The Toastmaster programs are some of the best available for personal development. We have the well-recognized Speaking / Listening / Feedback format and valuable structure of the CTM, ATM, DTM designations. The leadership opportunities are abundant, allowing us to develop skills and abilities necessary for todays global challenges. Exposure to the issue of governance provides insight to managing an organization or participating on a board.

PRACTICE: Learning comes alive when one is able to practice and apply the material that was studied. The weekly routine of our Toastmasters programs supplies the repetition needed to make regular progress.

EXPERIMENT: This is perhaps the most exciting element for me. The world is demanding. Mistakes in the work place can be professionally fatal. Toastmasters provides a harmless, friendly environment to try new things, test our skills boundaries, make mistakes, and try again!

This laboratory of people, programs, practice and experimentation that we find in Tejas Toastmasters is an exceptional resource for us to develop and share with others. I consider myself very lucky to be entrusted with the leadership of this club and pledge to continue to work hard for you in the Toastmaster tradition of learning, practice, and experimentation as we make the opportunities that we have enjoyed available to more and more members of our community.

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Our Officers:
A Golden Team

President: Joe Garvey

Vice President Education: 
Tuck Kamin 

Vice President Membership:
Scott Shutter

Vice President Public Relations:
Maxx Diamond

Secretary: Margaret Cathey

Treasurer: Richard Patzig

Co-Sergeant-at-Arms: Sparky Witte

Co-Sergeant-at-Arms: J.C. Amitie

J-64 Area Governor: Benny Cespedes