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How It All Began...
In the spring of 1951 a young Austin businessman named Boyce Campbell called together a group of his friends at the Austin Jaycees and proposed that they form a club to improve public speaking and leadership skills. Some were skeptical, but those who stuck with the program offered by Toastmasters International found that it worked! By practicing and giving each other feedback in a friendly way, they not only mastered the public speaking basics but formed close friendships and learned to be more effective in their civic and business activities. In June the new club received its charter and the tradition of Tejas was officially born. It has been going strong ever since.

District 55 proudly recognizes the Oldest Club in Austin, Texas on its Fiftieth Year Anniversary and wishes to proclaim:


WHEREAS, Tejas Toastmasters Club #966 has proudly functioned as an active Toastmasters Club in Austin, Texas and therefore the founder of the Toastmaster movement in Austin,

WHEREAS, Tejas Toastmasters is a club of exceptional quality as evidenced both by the quality of individual speakers and commitment to mutual growth and good fellowship,

WHEREAS, Tejas Toastmasters continue to support the District and have always striven to be Distinguished at the Club, Area, Division, and District level,

WHEREAS, Tejas Toastmasters belongs to District 55 in Central and South Texas consisting of over 120 clubs with an active membership of over 2,400 and also belongs to Toastmasters International , the worlds largest non profit organization specializing in communication with over 8,900 clubs in 70 countries and over 180,000 members,

WHEREAS, July 1, 2001 has been officially declared as the Golden Year of Tejas Toastmasters and each member has recommitted themselves to excellence.

NOW THEREFORE, LET IT BE KNOWN, that this Proclamation is prepared on November 17, 2001 for the Tejas Toastmasters as an expression of esteem from District 55 and all its membership. Through Clubs like Tejas Toastmasters, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, giving them the courage to change.

In Recognition of Tejas Toastmasters
at Fall Conference 2001